Review by Steph Winter on Kuvera Global

The truth is there are so many amazing companies to work with from home. Kuvera is by far the #1 gamechanger I have come across in my life right now in terms of learning a new skill that can never be taken away from me and a skill that has allowed me all the time and freedom in the world to live financially free.

Almost 14 months ago, I was at a place in my life where nothing seemed to go right. I was laid off my job of 12 years, crashed my car in a at fault accident and literally trying to make ends meet with one stream of income.

I have been able to not only learn a skill that has completely helped me turned my finances around but I have been blessed to help over 300+ people actively make a secondary income of 500-1000$ a month learning the same skill.

I am forever grateful, truly humbled and can’t wait to see my progress over the next few years.


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