Review by Stephanie Spencer on Steve Coates

Crypto Steve has a very special way of putting this crypto information out there to where it makes sense the first time… I remember not knowing anything about crypto but being dumb excited n yes I used the right word I was dumb excited we were live he was showing us how to set up defi and I watched every step and shared my screen to do the steps he just showed and I was so confident in what I didn’t know that I clicked so fast and didn’t attach the voucher and even through a computer screen he looked me in my eyes and say oops u gotta do it again and send some more g999 and copy and paste this there what u gonna do and I could feel the energy I trusted his knowledge and words without knowing and click clicked what I needed to and went in and compounded every week after and that was only the beginning his skill is in crypto but his heart is in people and you can feel that without knowing when u work with him it has been an honor to know work and learn from crypto Steve!

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