Review by Stephen Okafor on BE

They say the best way to predict the future is to create it simply. That’s precisely what BE has done. With a humble beginning as any start-up, BE’s co-founders and brothers Monir Islam, Moyn Islam and Ishaan B. Islam predicted a problem with a future on how work culture will see an imminent shift and how best the people can benefit from this shift. Today, the whole world is facing a wave of disruptions. The traditional employment as if we know, is already disappearing slowly. Gone are the days, when we used the phrase ‘Digital is the future’; pandemic happened, and in no time, digital is the present. As BE founders predicted and prepared for this future way back, they become one of the few digital tech companies that thrived during the pandemic. In fact, the company achieved a milestone of 1.2 million dollars daily sales and on its way to do one hundred million dollars in sales by the end of 2020. @befactorofficial??????

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