Review by Susan Wills on Kathy Booker

I'm very fortunate to have Kathy Booker as my sponsor in LifeWave. She is extremely knowledgable about the company, the products and the compensation plan. Her strong team has grown rapidly due to her generous support.
Kathy's background includes multiple technical skills. Her use of those skills and creative talents, provides our team customized websites and sales tools which enable us to share information seamlessly with our prospects.
Additionally, Kathy provides weekly leadership zoom meetings to her team where she spends an hour sharing company updates, upcoming events, product knowledge, answering questions from the team, asking for input, ideas and feedback.
I think I speak for the entire team in saying that Kathy's leadership is a unique gift to those of use striving to build a thriving business that offers a handsome residual income for the years to come.

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