Review by Suzie on Hyperfund (Ponzi Scheme)

Just watch these videos for more factual info. The background to the company & zoom meetings with the top leaders. 100% a ponzi. Aka stealing money!!

the owners & their track record of failed companies

The Collapse

Inside zoom meetings with Big leaders & which ones have now distanced themselves

The videos are made by Vinnie at ProjectFrugal. You can find the full series on youtube. I came across them by accident, luckily. Ive learnt a lot from them. Note that it is a criminal offence to knowingly recruit into a ponzi scheme. A ponzi scheme is just a form of stealing money from the masses through deception. A lot of companies employ big marketeers to pull in masses of people. These schemes usually collapse after 6mths to 2 years.

You will note that hyper has changed its names several times. Also note there in another company registered under the name hyperverse which has nothing to do with the current so called founders. That alone is sufficient to flag this up. Don't get scammed guys!

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