Review by Swarup Mohanty on iX Global

I am in netqork marketing Company since last 15 years.I have seen people win,lose.Ups and downs.But the difference between Others and Ix global is this is the company which is not focosed on only making money,but to help people live a better life in all aspects.Health,wealth,relationship,Value,Character and wishdom.

When I met Mr Jow Mtz I came to realize that he is notcrunning thos company for making millions.He is already,but to create a history in network marketing industry,where every year new peolle qill got rank up and multiply their income.

The most attractive thing is,in other companies people are focused on eatnig,but very few have the vision of freedom.They spend their money to buy labilies and luxuries to sho up without any financial knowlege or strtaegy.But here IX global teaches us how to do mastery in Financial loteracy so that,we vould make a good financial portfolio and make our selfs financially free.

Thank you IX GLobal for this wonderful vision.

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