Review by Sylvia R. Eldridge on Tava

TAVA all natural products are phenomenal!!!! After using various companies supplements over the years, I've become a skeptic about these so called good for you products and concluded that they all are the same. A dear friend gave me a call one day to share with me about the TAVA product. No,I wasn't convinced, although I trusted his judgement and I joined the company,at it's very inception. Because of my previous experiences, I didn't go all in. I continued mixing other products periodically looking for results that I never recieved. After seeing testimonials and hearing others stories,I began to go all in and use TAVA only. From the CBD KAPRESE COFFEE ,VALE 30 LIQUID VITAMIN,VACIA TEA and THE FLARE… The efficacy of these products gives amazing results. I've lost 3 lbs in 5 days,the sluggishness has dissipated and been replaced with high energy,less food cravings and last but not least,I'm better focused on a daily basis. The stamina,energy,cleansing and weight management are non comparable to those other companies. I truly found a home with these products. TAVA products work!!

Thank you Mr. Kenny LLoyd for such amazing products!!!!

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