Review by T. M. Parry on Daniel Beckles

Dr. Beckles is not only highly qualified as an MD/Phd cardio thoracic surgeon but he is also an excellent teacher! He is able to connect with all types of people and help them understand the “whys & hows” of good health. In addition to his resume that speaks for itself, he is a genuinely kind, humble, principled individual that truly cares about others. What a rare gem in todays “me first” Society.
Please take the time to sit in (watch/listen to) Dr. Daniel Beckles on an upcoming webinar he gives twice monthly via Rain International Zoom link. You will not regret the 45 minutes of first rate, easy to understand, science/medical backed information he shares. He is always prepared and has a very engaging presentation/teaching style :). Even if you are not interested in joining Rain the essential information he shares on health, nutrition, what he sees/learns from the weekly heart surgeries (formerly lung transplants from 2010-2015) he performs and his own personal research is great information for ANYONE & EVERYONE to hear and apply.

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