Review by Tamee Beachum on Younique

I have been with this company since November 2014 and I have seen so many changes for more growth and opportunity. Derek and Melanie are a Brother and Sister team that are both humble and honest. They share their heartfelt stories and dreams with the Presenters and encourage us to share ours. They spoil their Presenters every chance they get, and they make sure the overall mission for us all is to “uplift, empower and validate“ each other. We value each other as Sisters across the world. If you are a Presenter, you are a “Y-Sister” or a “YESTIE.”

Our Spray Foundation has been so amazing that it has been hard to keep in stock! All of our makeup is hypoallergenic, and as a gal that is literally allergic to EVERYTHING, it is perfect for me! We also have a concealer that can actually cover tattoos!

I am about to earn my FOURTH incentive trip and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT! Last year I actually got to check going to Atlantis off my bucket list and swim with a dolphin named Paulo.

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