Review by Tammy R. Rice on Maxann January

I started with a weight loss combo, I am diabetic and when told to avoid sugar, it's all I want. The NRM helped me a lot. Less sugar, less weight gain. The HPR gave an extra boost to my body to remove toxins. The PWR gave me that extra punch to get through my day. I won a free pack from Maxann's contest and I wanted it for my adult son. She spent a couple of hours researching to get it right for a free box. Who does this? She has connected me with the APLGO community so I may monitor comments by others with the same issues. He has anxiety attacks so we are starting him on RLX. He dislikes the chemical meds he gets from the doctor because he doesn't like the way they make him feel. He is taking his drops not just because they taste good but he doesn't have a foggy feeling from them. I was so impressed that Maxann took so much of her time to help me and my son. These are plant based drops which are easier for your body to process. Feel more balanced in your skin. Invest in yourself.

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