Review by Tammy Wittmer on Opulence Global

I have been using F.O.L. By Opulence since February 14, 2017. I used to get sick all the time. Now? Not one sick day since I began taking these powerful drops! You see, I happen to suffer from a “hidden” medical disability called Multiple Sclerosis. The physicians had placed me On a medication that has the side effect of reducing my immune system. Logically, everyone would think I should be cowering in fear of every virus, and every bacteria out there, right? Wrong! Since I started taking F.O.L. By Opulence Global, it has acted like a suit of full body armour against the common colds. The only sniffles I have gotten have been from hay fever, which is a common allergic reaction to certain pollens in the environment. Shortly after I began taking it, my youngest son contracted strep throat from the kids at school. Everyone was in a panic that I would get it and land in the hospital, since he was hugging and kissing me. Guess what? Everyone else that he had come in contact with did contract the illness, but I was perfectly healthy! Literally, this product is my little bottle of miracles!

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