Review by Teri Anderson on iGenius

iGenius is a company that will change your perspective on life, and the goals you’re striving to achieve. This company has EXPERTS that will teach you the skills that will set you up for life, that will get you to Financial Freedom.
You don’t need to have any knowledge to start, you just have to be willing to learn and focus on where you want to go! iGenius is a place for EVERYONE and anyone!!!!
The People in this Company are a Team, a Family, and the Mentors will guide you in the Right direction, and help you create that successful mindset.
I personally was so unhappy and angry at where my life was at, stuck in a dead end job going no where. Spending so much money for a University degree that won’t even guarantee me a job after.
But iGenius has shown me endless opportunities to get the life I’ve always wanted. It has helped me start my journey of personal growth and break the cycle that I was stuck in. This company has already changed my life, and this is just the beginning !!!!

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