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A curiosity post on a fb page caught my attention re: stem cell regeneration.
I leaned into the business because of the learning page we invite people to. It's organized and managed well. I knew I didn't have to be an expert in science or technology to educate and help those I refer to LifeWave. The community in the page is a big part of building LifeWave business easier. Brilliant system!

Learning a digital perspective is an added benefit. I'm warming up to the idea of investing time regularly in digital marketing. It's crazy to even think it's me saying that.

Joyce is knowledgeable. engaged teacher with a broad understanding of the body's energy system, patches, the technology and can explain as well as as anyone.
She works more than anyone I've ever known. 🙂

It's easier to build a business because of the community and content Joyce created to make it, so I'm grateful.

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