Review by Tex Evayshun on Marissa Alesi

Her modus opera do is to join an MLM and as soon as she realized she will not make money because her credibility is shot, she will start gearing up to leave and take as many people with her as she can so she can have a ready made downline.
As of this writing she is no longer with Bella Grace. She is now with melaleuca, along with multiple BG distributors that had contact with her. She has been doing this for literally years and a simple google search can provide court records to prove it.
She will say and do anything to make a dollar and if that means claiming a product can “figure out whether you need to gain or lose weight and then do that”, “cure chronic pain”, or make you feel like “you are getting a warm hug and euphoria” she has claimed it up until the day she jumped ship to her next business.

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