Review by Thomas Chaillot on iGenius

Igenius Global X Learn Do Succeed has literally changed my life forever in many ways, before you want to fill your pockets you have to fill your head, my head and fill for the rest of my life. I could never have a money problem again because I know how to manage, and create money by developing multiple sources of income. Network marketing is also a powerful source of income because it is the only business in the world where we do not invest our money to be successful but we invest our time. We make money by helping others just by sharing simple information – this information is Igenius. The Igenius Compensation Plan is hands down the best plan I have ever seen in a network marketing company.

On top of all that we are a stock exchange company … which means we can invest money in our company. And who can increase the value of INVU stock? We networkers.

Thank you Igenius & LDS

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