Review by Tiffany Desoto on Paparazzi Accessories

I'm so glad Paparazzi came to be. Yes the accessories are amazing and are made with great quality. Yes it's affordable. Yes the rewards for customers and consultants are outstanding. But Paparazzi is more than that. They have spread so much joy and helped to build self esteem for over thousands of people. They encourage us to pay it forward. To be a better person in this crazy world that is filled with so much pain and sadness. They remind us the importance of giving hope to others and the impact of kinds. They have given every consultant a chance to manage their own business, work from home and reward each of our successes accordingly. Misty Kerby is absolutely inspiring to all of us and I can't thank her enough for helping me find myself, my self worth and encouraging me to help others to do the same. If there is anyone who deserves to be recognized for greatness it is her.

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