Review by Tiffany Zambrana on Truvy

Feb 2016 I purchased a weeks worth and was a HUGE SKEPTIC from the very beginning! In my first week I dropped 8 lbs! Still I wasn’t completely convinced yet I was pleased so I purchased a monthly supply and kept going. I wouldn’t know where to start but I suffered from so many health issues that weight was a HUGE underlying issue! Once I became consistent, I started noticing changes. I felt clear minded , I slept better, craved water , fruits and veggies which was odd to me. I got full quicker and ate less. I was able to turn down food. I also woke up without groggy feelings like normally. Upon hitting my 2 yr marker, I had dropped 77 lbs! With NO EXERCISE!! However, I have picked up walking because Truvy offers great incentives if you get yourself active and walking 10,000 steps daily. I’m more active, no longer obese or prediabetic. I haven’t suffered from most of the health issues I was suffering from prior to starting these supplements! I am ChANGed! I got my life back! Dropped 10 pant sizes and am happy to say I’m going 4 years strong on my weightloss journey

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