Review by Tim Leonard on Life Plus

LifePlus is network marketing's best kept secret. A 30 year old debt free company that has never missed a commission. LifePlus did between 210,000,000.00-220,000,000.00 last year with most of their sales in Europe. Business For Home shows only one leader…but there are over 900 Diamonds in just one leg alone in Europe. One of their distributors has over 1,400,000 in his downline with 40% purchasing product every month. How many of the top 100 can say that. Their products really work and they have an amazingly low price point because they develop and manufacture their own products…in facilities that they own… which is a testimonial to the sustainability of the company. They have a very simple pay plan without all the hoopla and "smoke and mirrors" of many companies. They pay out 61% down 7 levels…one of the few companies that do. The majority of network marketing companies pay out 35%-45%. The United States is getting ready to "break open" so keep your eyes on this company. If you want to learn how you can "hitch your star to this wagon", you can email me at: [email protected].

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