Review by Timothy McGaffin II on Enagic USA

I am a distributor with Enagic USA. I absolutely LOVE the product(s) BUT the customer service, especially and lack of help from the Enagic Compliance department is very unethical and unprofessional. I feel like I have been treated like a criminal by the compliance department even though I have done nothing wrong.

Enagic USA compliance department is very unprofessional. The department is run by Steve Trapp who is a proven liar (I have many screenshots to prove his unethical actions) and the department almost never replies to any emails of sincere questions from distributors about what a distributor can or cannot do.

You cannot call the compliance department, you can only email. And 19 out of 20 times they never reply. If you have a question, you send an email into compliance and receive no reply so you remain in confusion about what you can or cannot do. No open communication.

Compliance department is accountable to no one. If they don't like a particular distributor for any reason, they can suspend or terminate that distributor without warning. I would love to be treated fairly and stop being lied to and lied about, and resolve bad actions towards hard-working distributors.

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