Review by Tina Malsom on APL GO

I love everything about this company! It checks off all my boxes for a long term sustainable opportunity.
* A unique product that is convenient, tastes great, affordable, and first to market
* Science/nutrition/ingredient guide over 500 pages talking about the efficacy of the dna drops
* a technology patent that assures we have this product all to ourselves
* 9 years of growing success – people still taking the product after almost a decade
* a compensation plan that shares the most popular aspects of many different plans in the marketplace
* 6 years of documented upwards growth for both company and distributors
* an app to easily share information and a customer sampling program
*a culture of family, fun, travel, health, and consistent leadership trainings in the form of events, retreats, and a "survivor" style summer academy
* An owner who is very "hands on" with the field and inspires and motivates us with his lead-by-example beliefs
We have grown more here at APL GO in our first year than we have in many years combined in other companies. Couldn't be happier this company is thriving in the USA

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