Review by Tinyiko Paul Miyambo on Crowd1

Crowd 1 changed my financial situation completely, not only mine but the circle around me as well. It's the most sustainable business I've ever ventured into. They always ensure that they fulfill their promises no matter how many obstacles they may come across as a business. I strongly believe those that are not part of it yet a few years down the line they will regret not being a member as they see us eating the fruits. I generated over Quarter Million Rands with an investment of R1800 in less than 3 months. No bank that I know of can give you that kind of return. I retired the 4th month after joining the business as I was making enough money from the comfort of my home without sweating. The beauty about is that I earn in euros but spend in rands. Even during Covid I would get paid in euros during my sleep, while I'm showering and while I'm in bed drinking soup. In simple terms Crowd 1 is a game changer.

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