Review by Todd Jones on NAVAN Global

As a newbie to the Network Marketing industry as far as selling a product, or enrolling new member as a means to earn money, this company is phenomenal. My history goes back to the early 1970's with my dad "selling" in what was called Pyramid schemes. Navan is far from a scheme or scam as so many companies are referred too in the NM indusrty. The corporate side of Navan lets you be you, and never tell you what you can and can't do with your business objectives. This alone enables Navan standout in the competitive business of Network Marketing as a distributor. In fact, you are encouraged to be yourself with your own style and mission. You can also represent more than one organization or product as long as you do not recruit from within. What other companies allow that type of competitiveness in their organization. We are truly a FAMILY, all willing to help the other and enjoy the success of all members. We do "Make Way for the Good" not only with the best products on the market but best mentors as well. Thank you Trey Knight for this wonderful opportunity, and thank God!

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