Review by Tommie Kaye on PYUR Life

Worst MLM company. I cancelled my subscription through the apps this company is promoting (Lifestyle Connections), I thought that was that then I was charged again the next month. I contacted my sponsor who doesn't want to talk to me after he found out I wasn't interested in staying on board. The next day I contacted Blaine Williams who isn't answering his phone. Then I finally decided to try to find the onboarding email sent to me by them I finally found it under NRX Global. I went through the website and cancelled my subscription and also had to cancel the autoahip. If I hadn't scrolled down the page I would have never seen I had to cancel an auto ship too. Very deceptive. Especially since theres no product being shipped. Two apps, no physical product. And the two apps are a discount app for stores where you shop the other is a cashback app. Neither was going to save me enough money to pay for my subscription. I just want my money back but I cant get anyone to talk to me.

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