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I've been working with RRR247 and Rory Ricord, its creator, for close to seven years. Now, I'm an old lady (I was 72 when I started.) and wasn't really up to date on technology or working online. I had been trying to find a way to supplement my retirement income and had found a lot of scams out there. I had lost a lot of money in the several years I had been looking. Working with Rory has changed all that. He is the real thing in teaching marketing and helping people establish an online presence and make money at it.

Rory has a very effective curriculum and one-on-one training with a real instructor that you can contact and work with at about any time of the day or night. He keeps up with all the new marketing trends and teaches us how to do everything. There is training available every day and he even has webinars and YouTube videos that you can work with, so there is never a reason to say he doesn't teach you everything you need to know to become a good online marketer.

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