Review by Treasaigh on Mereana Wilson

This is what I can say about Mereana, her heart is pure and her passion for everyone to succeed is unprecedented. She always finds the positive in anything that seems like it is a mountain to anyone, a hurdle that you can't get over, or a valley that seems like its impossible to get out of. She can turn your grey skies blue and bright with sunlight.
I remember the first time I met her through my husband, I loved her instantly because she is a straight shooter and doesn't sugar coat anything, which, I respect most about her.
In business she will ensure that she leaves nothing out that you need to know to help you progress, a very confident and effective communicator. She can take you from a nobody and make you a somebody, because she can see all the qualities in you, that you can't see about yourself.
Lastly when she holds her Kareoke on a Saturday, you get swept away in the music, in her singing and you thoroughly enjoy the experience.

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