Review by Trish Bogart on QSciences

Prior to taking Q Core the main supplement of Q SCIENCES, I suffered from lack of sleep, Arthritic pain – swelling and inflammation to a point I couldn’t open a jar, Migraine headaches, frequent constipation, bloating, Heartburn, and many Allergies! After taking an AM/PM the first day, I had a full 5 hours sleep, and the swelling and inflammation was no longer causing my pain. After 3 days my gut health improved and I became ‘regular’! I lost 9 lbs within 2.5 weeks. After 5 days I realized I didn’t have the need to take $90 heartburn meds on prescription! My mental fatigue and depression (from lack of sleep, anxiety and pain) is gone. I want to wake up and start my day, rather than roll over and try to sleep for the rest of the day!
Overall Q Sciences has changed my mental, physical and emotional health in one month… the best supplement I’ve ever taken and I’m happy to share with family and friends.
Partnering in the Q Sciences business has changed my life dramatically for the better, earning a good living, and helping others to do the same.

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