Review by Valentina Iacob on Cristian Tuns

“Other people doesn’t care how many things you know until they can see how much you care”. This is the leadership principle of Cristian Tuns.

He is the person with whom you can build a solid business. Integrity, respect, vision, professionalism and persuasion  are some of his strengths.

I am glad and proud in the same time that I can be in the same team with one of the best Romanian leaders in this industry, the achievement and award for "Best Leader Trainer" won in 2019 at Network Marketing Forum double confirms it.

Just to emphasis and extract the essence, I would say that what motivates Cristian the most are the RESULTS obtained by his team players inside his team, and in my personal case the results and the continuous progress can be easily observed since we decided to develop this project together.


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