Review by Verneice Skinner on Ken Close

Ken Close with his Healy Tech Tip Tuesday and Epigenetic class has done a lot to help Healy users around the world understand the physical and technical aspects of the Healy and how frequency energy influences the body. He has been a pivotal contributor to all who own a Healy. No matter how many times he gets duplicate questions, he treats the person asking the question as if it’s the first time that question has been asked. He also developed systems to help Healy users easily access training information he previously shared. He has done his part to take the mystery out of using this highly scientific and sophisticated device, increasing owner appreciation of all Healy products. His contributions had to have resulted in fewer returns of Healy devices to Healy and comprehensive knowledge of how to use the products by the owners, which would reduce the labor expended by Healy’s Customer Support. This has helped owners maintain high confidence in their Healy devices, which would encourage continued and regular use of the Healy! He also brings a lot of joy to Healy members with his high energy, positive attitude, and fun spirit!

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