Review by VIC TUM on Stein Erik Størvold

He is an experienced leading SCAMMER in the LYCONET/ myWorld Marketer-Gang in Norway recruiting and relieving gullible people of their LIFE SAVINGS.
LYCONET/ myWorld/ Lyoness is BANNED in Norway!!
If you do your own research and due diligence you will find that the DREAM you were SOLD is just a BIG LIE.
SEARCH Facebook ‘LYCONET SCAM’ for more information, evidence and proof of 500+ Court convictions against LYCONET/ myWorld/ Lyoness, before you SCAM your family and friends and lose more of your MONEY!
✔️ Definition of a SCAM: ‘a dishonest scheme; a FRAUD.’

✔️ Definition of a SCAMMER!
a person who commits FRAUD or participates in a dishonest scheme.
"scammers are preying on people's good intentions".

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