Review by Vicki Taft, RN on Fitteam Global

Fitteam Products are clean and have helped my entire family reach their health goals! Weight loss, mental focus, better sleep, better mood, less boating, better skin, and so much more. I lost 42 pounds in 16 weeks. My husband lost 90 pounds!
Loving our best lives! My daughter lost almost 80 pounds and is now running half marathons. The products are also very simple. Tear open the package and mix with water.
◾Increased Energy
◾Enhanced Fat Loss
◾Enhanced Mental Focus
◾Antioxidant Benefits
◾Mood Enhancement
◾Appetite Control
◾Improved Fat Metabolism
◾️Better Sleep
◾️Less Cravings
◾️Great for Pre workout
▪️Strengthens cardiovascular health
▪️Protects against cognitive decline
▪️Balances Blood Sugar
▪️Relieves joint pain
▪️Ease digestive discomfort
▪️Decreases Bloating
▪️Brighter healthier skin

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