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Eva is professional and always there for you. Her multiple years of experience all but ensures you can succeed if you follow her guidance and suggestions.
Eva makes sure to be knowledgeable about the products she represents and will assure you have that knowledge and all the opportunities to help you improve as well.
She is a Strong communicator who cares about your success as much or more than hers. Her loyalty is unprecedented.
She will encourage you and motivate you and be present when you need her. She will be bluntly honest in any critique but empathetic and compassionate about any struggles you may have on the journey to success.
Eva works hard yet knows how to enjoy the process and have fun along the way and is a model for how you can do the same.
Eva is compelled to succeed and has been consistent in that success. She will expend the effort it takes to lead you to do the same.
Most importantly Eva is a great friend. She is a good listener and will always hear you out. Eva has a compassionate heart and will be there for you.

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