Review by Virlin Muhammad on Opulence Global

I am from Anguilla ?? in the Caribbean. I am a Lifestyle Director with Opulence Global formerly GWT, from February 2010.
My family and I have been using our Health product – Fountain of Life aka FOL, since its release in February 2018.
I no longer suffer from
debilitating migraines.
No more asthma issues…not even a sniffle. I've gone from having 4 to 5 pumps at a time around the house… to ZERO.
Within less than 2 months of orally consuming FOL, I suffered a sublimal facture as well as a tear of the posterior miniscus horn (confirmed by MRI) in the same incident. And to my astonishment and my doctor's disbelief, I had NO pain. I wore a knee brace for support when engaging in strenuous work or driving, increased my dosage orally (Non-toxic) with intermittent topical application. And… VOILA!! NO Surgery. NO physiotherapy.
My customers have also been having amazing results with oral, sublingual and topical usage ranging from prostate cancer, eczema, psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, migraines, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fungal infections – toes, hemorrhoids, insomnia, acid reflux …and so much more!

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