Review by Wes Foster on Melius

MELiUS is head and shoulders above the rest. This is the second MLM company that I have been a part of and I cannot see myself ever being in another. I take my finances seriously, this is not just a "side hustle" for me. The products they place in my hands make money. It's as simple as that. They back up their product with an amazing educational platform, mastery courses, and live sessions for hands on practical application. They have taken a subject (financial markets) that my entire life I've always wanted to do but have been intimidated by it and made it accessible to me.

The initial draw to the company was the explosive potential of the financial markets and the lucrative compensation plan – they have not disappointed. Now one of my favorite aspects of this company is the integrity of leadership and true team building, leave no man behind, philosophy. I have seen top income earners spend personal time with brand new IBO's pouring leadership and encouragement into them. That's a team that I'm honored to be a part of and you should too.

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