Review by Willem gils on Aurélie Moron

Hi! I’m Willem Gils, i’m 19 years old at the moment, i live in BELGIUM and i want to tell something about Aurelie.

I met Aurelie (AKA RICHMUM) 2 months ago in Antwerp (Belgium). It was the most powerful moment of my life. Since that day, my life changed completely. She told me everything she’ve been through. It was unbelievable. Since that day, we worked together as a great team. Until now, we are still a GREAT team! I’m so so so grateful i have the chance to work with you together!
5months ago, i didn’t know what i want to do in life…
The day that i saw her in Antwerp, was the day i finally knew what i want to do in life. She gave me the power, motivation, inspiration,… to be a big leader such as she is! I knew it’s wasn’t easy to be a big leader, but i knew it was possible because i saw a big leader in front of me 😁

Thank you so much Aurelie for this opportunity 🙏🏻

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