Review by Willis Quashie [Anthony Quashie] in TLC on Total Life Changes

Nutraburst is the Best imune builder ever. I can say this because i am a product of the product. A day does not go by without me taking my dose of nutraburt. I started using this product in late june of 2020 when i joined this great life changing business and the effects and results was amazing. I began my life chabging journeys to loose weight on july 1st of 2020 using the solution kit. This kit comprise of nutraburt, iaso tea to brew and resolution drops. I took them religiously with little exercise and little change in my diet and believe me in the first week i lost 7lbs and by the end of july i lost ove 16lbs. Imagine if i followed the meal plan to a T. I cabt stop bragging about these products to my friends abd family. Everywhere i go the question pops up. What you did to loose so much weight? You look great and the presentations begins. Sometimes before i finish the presentations the perspective customer buys the product. Also am a director in TLC Team unity. Need my pic up there as a recomended distributor. Please.

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