Review by Wiremu Wilson on Mereana Wilson

First of all, this lady does not know I am writing this review, the kids showed me this and I thought well I better do my bit.
I have known this lady for 48 years and have been married for 45 of those years.
all I can say is she is hard to keep up with, I have been so grateful to her for all that she has done for me and our children and grand kids. yes, she is the force behind our family, everyone goes to her for anything, even me at work if something doesn't feel. Right, I call her, and she sorts it out fast. whilst we have our different lives, she is always there for us all. Shes always working and she makes me tired, especially when she's creating events and jobs omg I get tired haha. she will tell me oh were going to an event coming? that's it.
But who knows right, she is very strong minded and doesn't let no one tell her any different.
Kia ora my dear you are beautiful, but I know you won't take that from me. your Husband.

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