Review by Yolanda Yoyo Gilliam on Ruth Mayne

Stp,Sld,Rlx Has really helped me w/ my pain I have been taking meds since 2014. After 5 back surgeries. I started my father on some beauty after he has started having dry skin as a reaction from the covid vaccine Once he got the beauty, his system his skin was no longer dry he was able to go back to our horses . Hpr helped with night sweats. Even with the fan on me.I definitely need to get some more ASAP. Niece RLX on she deals with mental illness .I would like to get in & do more with this company. I have a struggling to get my part of the business off the ground but it is only due to my health & 2 deaths. I also asked God to give me strength so I can really $$ I so desperately need. I know that this is where I should be. I highly recommend anyone to try out our products.WE ALL WILL extremely DO well . THANK you APL I see we will GO far please everyone keep me in prayer. This is a family it's not just a company & it is worth becoming a member. Your Truly Yoyo from Ohio

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