Review by yoliswa on PhytoScience

great products, great compensation plan. Phytoscience has been there since 2012 and we are only beginning to experience the power here in South Afruca , I look forward to any developments from this company but so far I'm very much impressed. Personaly I have testimonies of my own with my friends and family who have used the products in serious health conditions like covid and we have pulled through by the grace of God. I hear there are mor eproductscthatcare hoibgcto be launched for weightloss and I am looking forward to that as obesity is also a huge problem in our community. Anytime you think of helping people first before making money , you have a serious business case. Health and wealth go hand in hand one cannot enjoy th either without the other. This company is hitting these 2 birds with 1 stone an dthe journey is beautiful

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