Review by Yong mean Pak on Diana Kotelovich

The Incruses International Club first attracted me with its discounted cruise vacation ideas, but after studying the club's marketing, I realized for myself that this is a great idea not only to travel, but also to earn money.
Club's Opportunities:
– saving the family budget through the club system;
– save yourself for travel;
– you can take up to five people in the cabin with you;
– hotel's booking with discount
– reservation of cruises and hotels is made without intermediaries (travel agencies) through the aggregator website.

Club membership activation $100 per month which converts into 200 bonus points.
Due to the accumulative program in the club (club membership activation), you can get a discount on a cruise trip in the cruise base up to 25%. When activating a club membership, no contracts for a year!
You use your accumulative points for a discount on future trips.
If you also activate a partner membership and invite 5 club members to the club, you get a free membership in the club, and you are charged for the club membership, thereby your future cruises become free for you or with a big discount, depending on the accumulated account balance on your card.

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