Talkfusion Top Earner Review

Steve Mitchell is one of the fastest people to become Double Diamond in the history of Talk Fusion and in his second month with Talk Fusion, he reached and replaced his previous five-figure a month income. HIs estimated earnings are $30,000+ per month and counting. His team has as June 2011 approx. 18,000 members.

21 years ago, Steve Mitchell owned a chain of pizza and pasta restaurants and earned an absolute fortune with them. For seven years, things went fantastic for him. His income was very high and he had the lifestyle to go with it. But then within the space of two years his pizzerias went bust and Steve Mitchell lost everything.

Today, Steve Mitchell is financially independent once again, living a lifestyle most people dream about. He is happily married, his children are currently finishing off their University studies, and with homes dotted around the globe, it means he never has to endure another winter, unless he wants to go skiing that is. “I enjoy relaxing with a good wine in the sun”, he says, “and I love fast cars, hence the Porsche, but they usually have to be negotiated with my wife first!” Steve Mitchell smiles. The Englishman has already achieved a great deal, the path to becoming one of Europe’s most successful networkers was not easy. And his success story began from being totally broke.

Steve and Yvette MitchellSteve Mitchell has recently made “a decisive career jump”, as he puts it. He has become an Associate with Talk Fusion. “Business success depends on timing and taking action”, he explains,“ and with Talk Fusion every element of the business is perfect.” Steve Mitchell gave up a significant five-figure monthly income in order to build up a network with Talk Fusion – that is how convinced he is of the potential and the future of the company. When asked about doubts, he answered: “Did I make the right decision in giving up so much to join Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion trades in over 200 countries with the nerve system of our era: with video communication technology. Almost half of the people who use Talk Fusion products are customers and not networkers. “How many other MLM companies can claim that almost half their revenue is made by real customers?” asks Steve Mitchell, listing the advantages of his new partner company: “Talk Fusion has products that people love.

This aside, they are omnipresent: Videos are everywhere! The company has strong management and strong finances, with a clear focus and a clear vision – ready to invest in Network Marketing. Talk Fusion is the right price, it is just US $35 per month, has an excellent support service and an exceptional compensation plan. Talk Fusion is the only company that offers immediate commissions payments to its Associates.”

Compensation Plan

Talkfusion has a binary compensation plan with a $25 cycle plan. Start packages: Executive: $250 +$35 subscription per month, Elite Package: $750 +  $35 subscription per month.  Fast Start Bonuses are a way to earn income quickly. Each time an Associate or Customer purchases a Product Package, you will earn a Fast Start Bonus. There is no limit to the number of Fast Start Bonuses you can earn. For every Executive Package you sell, you will earn $20. For every Elite Package you sell you will earn $60. Talk fusion Binary Compensation Plan 2011

There are 6 Ways to earn income with Talk Fusion.

  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • Team Commissions
  • Bronze Maker Bonuses
  • Mega Matching Bonuses
  • Advancement Bonuses
  • Leadership Pool