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Age does not matter in MLM..

Jimmy Smith – Isagenix is still by far the oldest Top Earner in our rankings. 80 years and still going strong!

Nr. 80 on the list with $ 130.000 a month.  That’s a nice retirement plan…So don’t forget the mature people on your prospect list.


Youngest Top Earner

Steven Shariff – Xango, 24 years is the youngest Top Earner, together with his mother Sharon $ 350.000 a month….A matter of family power I quess..


Highest paid women

Women are power houses.

They can tackle just about anything. They work full-time while being pregnant and they still come home after an eight to ten hour work day and have dinner on the table, kids bathed and in bed by 7pm and create an enormous downline…

  • Onyx Coale – $ 292.000
  • Susan Peterson – $ 300.000
  • Giselle Sexsmith – $ 200.000

Who are your top 3 trainers?

Results after 661 votes:

  1. Robert Kiyosaki (USA)
2. Anthony Robbins (USA) 
3. Brian Tracy (USA) 
4. Tim Sales (USA) 
5. Les Brown (USA)
6. Dani Johnson (USA) 
7. Denis Waitley (USA)
8. M. Strachowitz (GER)
9. Doug Firebach (USA)
10. Edward Ludbrook (NZ)
11. Arfeen Khan (India)


 New start up companies

We do not recommend or endorse any, we just show the facts and figures. Our requirements to get listed: an CEO and a top earner or VP sales & marketing involved. We (try) not to list the Mickey Mouse home made opportunities.
Added to the list:

  • Meltology Beauty Network
  • Pure Energy Club

Subscription Benefits

Do you why a Top Earner is a Top Earner?

Hard work, perfect timing, credibility, strong company, great products and unbiased facts & figures…

With a subscription you have the full power of the website right at your fingertips….


New Top Earners*

We added this week 60 new Top Earners to our rankings from HTE USA, Monavie, Vemma, Jordan Essentials and Noevir. A selection:

  • Joe & Patrice Licciardi $129,000
  • Deanna Sudweeks $30,000
  • Eunice & Mike Edwards $25,000
  • Billy McSwain $29,000
  • Mary & Butch Williams $ 20,000
  • Jason Domingo $15,000
  • Tyler Daniels $14,000
  • Marcel Niederhauser $12,000
  • Debi Agee $10,000
  • Marc Shinsato $10,000
  • Seth Mulder $10,000
  • Blue Elam $9,000
  • Colt Elam $8,000
  • Jan Strode $7,000
  • Jean Golden $5,000
* Estimated month earnings

Who are your top 3 networkers?

Results after 809 votes

1. Brig Hart
2. Randy Gage 
3. Dexter Yager
4. Mike Dillard
5. George Zalucki
6. Susan Peterson
7. BK Boreyko 
8. Jeff Roberti
9. Sherman Unkefer 
10. Rita Hui
11. Ed Bestoso
12. Giselle Sexsmith
edTed Nuyten
Have a nice day!
Ted W. Nuyten – Owner

We  added to our rankings: Deanna Sudweeks, Eunice & Mike Edwards, Changhui & Gilbert Estebo, Mary & Butch Williams, Rafael Garcia Pelayo, Debi Agee, Helena & Vince Li, Jeremias & Josephine Cruz, Kim N. Nguyen, Jeff Kowalski, TJ Serrano & Cionie Hurst, Diana Sandacz, Janice & Al Markley, Kent Murphy, Nathan L. Lipton, Patricia Brading, Renee Kam, Tammy Bechtel, Thu Thao Nguyen, Minerva Garza, Gloria Arends, Julie Allen, Kathleen Douglas, Kirsten & Jim Hendershot, Mai Pham, Thanh Duc Luong, Toshiko Ogawa, David Fafard, Dianne & Norm Ely, Gwen Cleck, Janelle Canilao, Karyn & Verle DeYong, Kathryn & Clayton Stueckle, Kyung & Albert Bae, Luciano Barrera, Rose Han, Young Lee, Gloria Brice, Joffrion Mitts, Bev Franklin, Bob Nelson, Conrad Ching, Consuelo Jiminez, Delores Mishleau, Demetria Ferrer, Eva Buenavista, Guillermina Orozco, Joni Chun, Jose Luis Pereira, Lavender Lau, Linh Hua, Mary Luz Iniguez, Puchi Di Ricco, Rachel Lacuesta, Remedios Antonio, Roberta Anderson, Young Jung Lee, Monavie, Vemma, HSE USA, Jordan Essentials, Noevir.


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