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  1. Hi Anthony,
    I wanted to let you know I am a new member of the HerbaLife team. I recently came in at supervisor level because of what the products have been doing for me. I have had allergy trouble for years and have been on meds. After a week on the adv.prog. I am off the meds and my energy level is getting much better. I look forward to working w/ you all, to help people get healthier:)
    Blessings to you and your family, Judy Fisher
    PS Thank you for the 5 paid pack leads!

  2. Anthony,

    I live in Sedona and would love to come down to see you this coming Friday if possible. Victoria is my up line and I have emailed her so many times requesting her to set this up for the past month. Actually my upline is Jackie Bachelor, but she keeps telling me to email Victoria. I also need some help with my LDW registration, she has not helped with that as well.

    Please would love to hear from you and love to meet you this Friday for only a couple minutes if that is all you can spare that too would be great. Just looking for direction.

    Thank you

    Duane & Cathy Bauer

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