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  1. I had a Mary Kay party awhile back with one of Deborah Bailyeâ??s â??recruitsâ??. Although the woman who came to my house was nice, she and Deborah tried pushing me into becoming a Mary Kay consultant right before my wedding. Deborah did everything short of stalking me â?? calling me numerous times at all hours, trying to recruit me into Mary Kay as well. Although at one point I considered it, her behavior and inappropriate attitude/comments pushed me away 100%. Upon talking with my husband, WE BOTH decided right now wasnâ??t the time to fork out money to start a small business that I didnâ??t have my heart set on anyway. I told Deborah I may be interested in the future but now wasnâ??t the time. She further pushed the topic and even said something to the effect of, â??donâ??t you want a husband that supports you?â? (he supports me 100%, thank you) as well as questioning WHY we were going out and buying a laptop for hundreds of dollars instead of spending much less on a Mary Kay starter kit (something I never should have revealed to her in the first place â?? my mistake). I give her a ZERO STAR RATING because anybody who is that pushy and manipulative obviously has no real idea of how to be a business woman. I would advise anyone looking to contact her to stay far, far away (unless you donâ??t mind being harassed via telephone and interrogated about where and why you spend your money).

  2. When I read the above review, it really upset me. I myself have been a faithful customer of Deborah’s for years and when I said “no thank you” to the opportunity, Deborah was not only respectful, her exact words were, “it’s not for everyone and we need customers too”!!! She dropped the subject COMPLETELY and I never heard another word about it!!! She is a sweet woman and over the years has become my friend. She NEVER pushed me, she ONLY calls me when I ask her too. When I was looking at the opportunity and decided it wasn’t for me, Deborah was the upmost professional and NEVER called me more than once or twice. Knowing Deborah and spending time at her Business Events and gatherings in her home, I have see, FIRST HAND that her customers and consultants love and respect her and and so do I. If you ever have the chance to meet Deborah, you will know exactly what I’m talking about… She is really a very special person.

  3. Unfortunately, the MK way is to recruit and front load product that doesnt sell itself contrary to their claims. Many women who do try and fail are left with hurt, dismay and often crushing debt.
    Good for you that you said “no thanks”.

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