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  1. I have not applied myself as of yet in DrinkACT, so thus I am not a major player. However, the few times I have spoken with Eric he has treated me with respect and answered my questions(that he has heard a thousand times, I am sure) with legitimate interest and he did really listen. The man only has 24 hours in a day but yet takes the time to speak with me. I even asked him if there where someone closer to me in my upline (his downline) that I could or should be consulting because I wanted to value Eric’s time ….he said no, just call him. Go try another co. and try to talk to someone at Eric’s level …YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO…that should say it all about Eric. I Thank you Eric!

  2. Eric Caparese is the best. He does what he says he is going to do. His follow up is Outstanding. I look forward to a long Relationship with him and his Team. Thanks again Eric for all that you do for the whole Organization. Todd Miller

  3. On numerous occasions, I have spoken with Eric on the phone. Each and every time, I was Blown away by his Sincerity, Motivation, and Inspiration. Looking forward to finally meet the Man, Eric. Thanks for all your Hard work and Dedication to Helping Others Achieve their Goals. You are a True Inspiration and Asset to Network Marketing.

    Thanks Eric !!

    Ed Mayer

  4. I have known Eric for over 5 years and have always admired his work ethics. I know I can count on his honesty and his sincerity. Something I have learned from working with Eric is how he takes care of his people. He always has your best interest at heart. He will not only show you how to build a massive organization, he will lead by example. A good man to run with.
    Thanks Eric for all you have done for so many people.
    Stan Townsend

  5. Eric is a great guy with a HUGE heart. He has tons of energy and passion for this business, and it has been a joy to know him. He is an encourager to so many, including myself. I am proud to call him my friend:)

  6. My wife and I joined with Eric after being with another company that promised the world, However, they did not come through on their promises of partnership, team, and overall integrity. Eric has been a godsend and in only four months my wife and I are making money. He is always there to answer questions and offer support and motivation. I have spoken with him at all hours of the day and he never has said no to a request for help. He has good values and is a genuinely good person that I am proud to have as one of my friends.

    Thanks Eric!

  7. I have known Eric for may years and he is one great leader! To sum it up Eric is a man that never quites, he applies massive actions to get MASSIVE RESULTS. If you are looking to get into an organization you will want to be on Eric’s team ~ if you want your paychecks to EXPLODE YOU WILL! Speaking from experience if you do 1/2 of what Eric coaches you on and do what he does your bank account will never be the same!


  8. I met Eric some weeks ago in San Diego and was impressed with his inspirational attitude and knowledge of the direct marketing industry. He has a special way of simplifying things for new distributors and this helps to make this industry seem less daunting. Even though I was a new to the industry, he spoke to me with utmost respect. The bottom line is that anyone who applies themselves can have success in this industry and Eric will be the first to tell you so. Thanks Eric!

  9. Eric is the kind of guy that is there for you for any little detail. If he says he is going to get things done for you he does it in a timely manner. He truley believes in the success of everyone in the company regardless of being on his team or not. I know there is a person on here that said that if you are not his favorite or buy a big package he will never support you. I disagree with that. I have used the product on and off for about 2 years now and just got serious about selling, I made a small purchase to get started and just recently started auto ship and Eric has been there for me all the way. He answers my calls, returns my calls and answers my email and IM’s right away. He has the information you need and if he doesn’t he gets it. He is an example of what good Network Marketing could be. All around great guy.

  10. For being the #1 income earner in his company, he makes himself as available as can be. He’s a proven leader and he’s become like family. I’ve known many top income earners and Eric is one of the hardest working people in the industry.

  11. while considerably daft and literally not enogh time to dvote to networking, eric has been positive, understanding and completely honest about the business, unlike so many others in the MLM world…..truly a good guy…best to you eric!

  12. Eric Caparese is a true leader and an all around great guy. He is willing to do anything for anyone. I don’t think he knows that he is a top income earner. He sure doesn’t act like it. I’ve been with other companies and the top earners won’t even talk to newbies and people in the lower ranks. Eric will help and talk with anybody if they need him. What a great leader..Thank you Eric…I wish there were more stars on the rankings…He would be a 10…

  13. Eric is a great guy, great father, and great leader. He will do as much as he can do for you without questions (and maybe buy your lunch lol) He is a very youthful and motivating person and can speak to you like a human not a stuck up top earner in other companies. Really great guy!

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