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Greg Galley is a Tennis Pro and a Golf Teaching Pro.


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  1. 25 years ago, I was selling a little red light called the “911 Light” and I made a ton of money with it, and I took 25K and join a MLM company with my profits and the rest is history

    Years Later, I was introduced to Greg from our friend John at a chiropratic convention and we become great friends and business partners. One day we were talking and Greg mentioned he used to own the “911 Light” I stopped breathing and if I was not on the phone, I may have given him a hug because of my excitement

    Greg Galley is the Reason Ron Saunders is in MLM, and made millions of dollars, and helped lots of people. He was a visionairy way back 25 plus years ago, and he still is that same man today

    Greg is the BEST PERSON in this industry. I did not say the best recruiter, builder or money earner, I said the BEST PERSON!! Greg has 100% honesty in every word he speaks, and lives his life with 100% Integrity.

    I do not say this lightly when I say if it was not for Greg Galley, I would not be the man I am today. I never had a role model growing up, and I did not learn the things that people need to learn from a father, and Greg Galley has taught me many of those things, and I am one hell of a better because of him

    The last few years dealing with Cancer were tough, but they would have been impossible if not for Greg pulling me up off the ground with encouragement, and positive thoughts. He helped me in times of needs, when EVERYONE else had giving up on me. He fought some battles for me when I was too weak or too stubborn to do so

    I have admired and followed 4 people in my life, Jesus Christ, BK Boreko, Brett Favre and Greg Galley. Greg is not second to anyone that I have ever met

    I will forever be grateful for Greg, and all I can say is if you want to work with the best, learn from the best, and Be The Best YOU can Be, then you better lock arms with Greg Galley and never let go

    I love you man..You are the best person a man could ever call Friend

    Ron Saunders

  2. Greg is the best, most compassionate hard working and sharp individual in the business! He never fails to suprise me with his creativity and style. WOW! ..thats best way to describe a meeting with Greg Galley. You can never go wrong working with him

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