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  1. Jim Fobair: Source https://globalnetworker.com/jim-fobair-is-back

    For those of you who have been in network marketing for more than a decade Jim Fobair is a well known name. He first rose to fame as a million dollar earner with Herbalife back in the 80s. Then in the 90s he became even more famous (or infamous) as the man behind OneSource, who rose to $65,000,000 in sales of â??Laundry CDsâ? before the program collapsed. In the aftermath the FTC stepped in and reached a settlement that stated the product was a fraud and fined Jim Fobair $50,000.

    Itâ??s been quiet from Jim for many years, but now heâ??s back in the industry

    Also active for Unicity…. see his twitter: https://twitter.com/JimFobair
    Claiming: Check out Why unicity why now! over 130 people made 4K to 20K on my team first 30 days! http://www.pointguidedirect.com/jimfobair

  2. Jim is a great man, leader and contributor to this industry…
    My team and I enjoy the benefits of working directly with him in our BiosLife Franchises, and I know of no where else on the planet that rewards the new person in a company as much with so little volume.
    Thanks for the site!

  3. Make sure you have a plan B Big Tim, cuz Jim’s “deals” tend to go south before long. Google Jim Fobair Scam and you can read it for yourself. This biolife/unicity/chocolate thing is just his current deal…

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