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  1. Hey Ted, Thanks for creating such a great site. We have been in MonaVie for 2 years and are EMERALDS / DIAMONDS.. it has been the most enjoyable experience ever! I was approached by a friend to look at the product and the “opportunity” and put her off for 3 weeks, I finally went to one of her “tasting partys” to get her to leave me alone, and what I found was the opportunity of a lifetime. The product flat WORKS, I got in for the product, but also was ‘explained’ the business side, directed to the proper websites and did my due diligence. Now for the good part! I had NO MONEY to GET STARTED! I borrowed the $39 and enough for one case of Monavie from my girlfreind!. How embarassing! A 44 year old guy $50k in credit card debt! Has to use his girl’s credit card to get started. We had a VISION, We had a DREAM, and WE WENT TO WORK! We started SHARING the MonaVie and THE MONAVIE OPPORTUNITY with Friends and those that would listen! We plugged into our upline Brig & Lita Hart, and from 8 people our first week have 5,000+ in our Group! In a BIANARY matched with a UNILEVEL.. ALL PERSONAL VOLUME.. NO SPILLOVER!!…We have found the most wounderful friends thru this Journey. I married the girl of my Dreams, we are on our way to Financial FREEDOM! We have TIME, & MONEY and a Passion to Help others SUCCEED! MONAVIE is an EXCEPTIONAL COMPANY, Founder DALLIN LARSEN is Ernest & Young Entrepenuer of the YEAR!.. INC Magazine TOP 500 lists MONAVIE as #1 in FOOD & BEVERAGE, #3 in REVENUE, and # 18 overall out of 27 Million Companys… Why wouldn’t we be successful? Our Goal is to help all of those that WANT IT, make it to wherever their Dreams and Goals are! We love helping people SUCCEED and Monavie has provided everyone the vehicle to do that if they so choose! This is REALATIONSHIP MARKETING, build a freindship and your friends will build a business, THE BEST OF THE BEST! MONAVIE FOR LIFE! IT GET’S BETTER EVERY DAY!….THANK YOU DALLIN, THANK YOU BRIG, THANK YOU ERIK CLOUD for beliving in us. WERE JUST GETTING STARTED!!!

  2. Monavie juice is interesting and it is a good antioxidant. It’s too expensive for what you get that’s the whole problem. $4.40 per day if you follow the company suggested daily servings.

    Did use Monavie for 6 months. I am using Vemma now, that’s only $1.90 per day. Same health benefits…

  3. Hi Ted, As you know I chose to get involved with the exciting launch of Mona Vie here in the U.K. after fifteen successful years with another company. Spending just a short time in Salt Lake City with some equally experienced colleagues we quickly realised the strength, credibility and experience driving this powerhouse company which has broken every industry record in its five year history.
    Main reasons behind making the change were (1) The depth and quality of research and value behind the products in the fastest expanding Direct Sales area, Health and Wellness. Quality costs but buying cheap costs more in the long run. Mona Vie is a true five star company and product which will always find itself being chased by the â??me tooâ?? organisations who help to provide choice and sustain the market. (2) The Pay Plan, certainly the most generous and properly rewarding I have seen with nine ways to generate income, important if you are serious about your business and to accommodate the aspirations of each partner. (3) The attitude and willingness of the Corporate team to listen to their field partners and to work with the Distributor Advisory Panel to make the whole experience a true partnership in success.
    We are looking for ambitious partners among the brightest and best who want to partner with the strongest team in Europe and irrespective of age, sex, experience or background are open minded enough to appreciate the value of getting in ahead of the crowd, securing a top place in this U.K, pre-launch period and are excited by the opportunity to show new partners a simple system to help them to a weekly income of £2000.00 in just ten weeks.
    If you like to be recognised as a leader and can imagine what you could achieve in the next three to five years partnering with an organisation that truly has your best interests at heart, enjoying the support of many of the industries true leaders, in a company focused on achieving a $20.BILLION turnover by 2020 get in touch today to check out your options. John

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