Ronald Saunders Review

Ron Saunders has a history of front loading people, take the money and run. Most comments under this post are from people who believed in him once, but are now very sad….

Ron Saunders…if you meet him RUN…then call me.

by Tom Chenault on Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 6:07pm
It makes me sick to write this letter.  I owe apologies to Ryan Blair, Ted Nuyten and Corey Citron just for starters.  Why…for believing in this guy…and not believing them.  He told me stories about them that he is now apparently telling others about me…and of all wife! I got this letter this morning in my FB email.  It was just another of several I have received. August 22 at 7:05am I crossed paths with a mutual contact, Ron Saunders, about 8 weeks ago. He told he was part of your team and was desparate because you were threatening to destroy him if he joined another company. He told me and a lot of other people things about you and your wife that go beyond anything I've ever heard. Including things about your wife that go beyond anything I would ever even repeat. He was so desparate because you had his Youngevity/Act check taken away that he was going to be homeless. I wired him a loan of $2500. I've since talked to another person that he took for $12,000. Talked with another industry leader that knows of 8 people he has done this too. He's now blocked me from facebook and of course not taking any of my calls. I'm sure he's passing on some tall tale about me to people as well. I met him thru Robin Rushlo who he also told these things about your and your wife to. I don't loan money to people that I need so I'll take it as a lesson learned. The lady he took for $12k can't afford it. I have no dount he is continuing to do this to others. He needs to be stopped. As a leader in this profession I am always getting picked off by a Ron Saunders.  It goes with the territory.  I am used to is and I am sure most of you are too.   But when the letters are rolling in from every corner of the country with tales of him getting the last few dollars from people who can't afford it it's a different story.   And it's not hundreds…it's thousands. Ron has told me stories that are just so incredible that I didn't think they could possibly be lies.   His terminal cancer.  His war experience.  His family suicide attempts.  His I may die today story.  Just horrible stuff that normal people just don't make up.   And I still don't know what is true and what is not.  He is a master story teller.  A woman he had picked off for thousands ACCIDENTLY told me about it and when she realized she had said it she was mortified…that Ron would find out…that he would be upset…that he might not pay her back.   And these don't tell Tom stories are everywhere.   Like I am the teacher or something. I put him on the radio…I defiantly spoke out about those mean poeple saying bad things about him.  I stood up for this guy!!!   And in Youngevity/ACT he came in with a bang.   Orders everwhere…people excited…I can't deny that.   A lot of GOOD people…whom now I am wondering if Ron picked their pocket too. Stories about my wife and I?  I have no idea what that could mean.  None.  I know Youngevity/ACT didn't terminate him…they didn't bother.   They did loan him money.  I didn't.  I GAVE him money.   How smart was that???   But what I really gave him was my endorsement.  I always want to help the underdog and he was certainly one.  Just like me when I started this adventure.    But a guy like Ron ruins it for all the GOOD underdogs out there…we all start to wonder about the next guy and his story. I can go on and on about Ron…but it's just noise.  If you want to call me I will help put you in contact with others who shared the Saunders experience.  But we need to stop him.  This profession doesn't need a character like that doing what he is doing to innocent people.   I'm not so innocent…but the people I am getting the letters from are. Thanks for your time… Tom Chenault 720-840-7222

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Comments (48)

  1. I have been working with Mr Saunders for almost 8 years now. He has always been there to help me anytime I asked. No matter how sick he was during the time he was battling cancer, Mr Saunders gave his heart and soul to help his team.

    I know no one better in the industry to work with. I know some people get down on him because he has tried a few companies more than most, but he did so trying to find a good product for his health, and along the way he stuck up for his team, and would not stay in a company if the entire team could not make a reasonable and fair income. Ron Saunders does what’s best for his team, and he leads by example

    No one gives more of himself to others as Ron Saunders does. He is a man of integrity and leads with a Servants Heart.

    My life has been blessed so many times by his trainings, and his willingness to help the little guy. I am very thankful to have been mentored and trained by Mr Saunders.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.

  2. I have been associated with Ron for only two months but he has been very insightful in the best way to maximize my efforts in the MLM industry. Ron has mentored members of our team with sound advice, and has made himself accessible 24/7 to answer any of our questions. I consider Ron a friend and look forward to working together.

  3. I started working with Coach Ron in 1993. Long before he had success with Excel, and went on to help many of us make a 6 figure a month income. Coach Ron has always worked harder than anyone I know supporting his team. I can consider Coach Ron my mentor, and my friend. I have been at his house, met his kids, his family and the other team members. Coach Ron is the hardest working person in this industry, and he proves it every day by giving up his time to help all of us that are lucky enough to be on his team

    As a Retired Colonel of 28 years in the United Army, and another 25 years of being able to have success in direct sales, I have never met anyone with more class, more integrity, more intelligence than Coach Ron. I would rather have him in my fox hole than anyone I ever served with in the Korean War, Vietnam, or other places during my time of service. Coach Ron is a Warrior with a heart of gold, and no one, and I mean NO ONE is a better leader in network marketing.

    The training systems of “Simple Prospecting”, “Tagging”, “Anatomy of phone call”, and “Dream Bigger” are the best kept secrets in our industry. If you have ever had the honor to work with Coach Ron, you already know that he should be mentioned in the same breathe as the top trainers that are industry has to offer, but he does not sell tapes, or charge for seminars, so it is not known as the best of the best, but what he does do is work his tail off to help everyone on the team regardless of skill sets, background, financial conditions, and/or abilities that you start with. Coach brings out the best of you, and you are given a track to run on based on your goals, and desires, and Coach develops a plan for you, not him, so that you can have success in business, in life, regardless of your company

    In the Army, we learned that you never leave a man behind, and when a man is down, you do everything you can to save that person, and Coach Ron lives that every second of every day. Coach never quits on you, and he never lets you quit.

    I Thank God every day for bringing Coach Ron Saunders into my life, and I hope this little statement is in someway a reward for all the blood, sweat and hard work that Coach has given us.

    Coach, I love you like my son, and I thank you for everything you have done for my family, and my network marketing family and friends that I have been so blessed to have them be introduced to you.

    You are the best in my book, and you are a real blessing to this industry

  4. I have only been working with Ron for the past 4 weeks, but feel like I have known him my entire life. He puts his all not only into fullfilling his dreams but your needs, dreams etc and that seems to be more important to him. He is a man of integrity and follows through with his promises. He works endless days to accomodate all his downline and their customers. I have tried a few MLM in my life and the promise and the hype is always there in the beginning and then wains off the second you sign up, with Ron the high energy, training and assistance just ramps up from there. I couldn;t ask for a better mentor, leader and friend. Truly a leader and I feel blessed to be part of his team

  5. I have been working with Ron for about a month now and Can honestly say I have learned more in that time than I have in any other previous MLM company. His communicaton with his team is top notch and if you need his assistance he’ll be there for you no matter what’s going on in his life. I made more money in my first month working with Coach Ron than I did with another mlm company in 1.5 years and know he will be there for me every step of the way. Helping me establish my business is just as important to him than his own business.
    I look forward to working with Ron for years to come!

  6. I met Ron a year and a half ago on a traffic exchange. In that time, we have both had very serious health problems to work on. He has always been there for me. Yes, there was frustration for us while we tried to find help with those health problems, and yes, we were in and out of a lot of programs. But we are still here due to some of them. As a leader, Ron excells (pun intended). I am proud to be a member of his team, and one of many recipients of his support. Plus, he even surfs my traffic exchange.

  7. I have known Ron for several years and have come to appreciate his concern for the people in his downline, especially the people who have little money. I must confess that I have not found internet marketing easy, as I am in my seventies now and am still working full time. Ron has tried his best to help and encorage me and at last our joint efforts have paid off. For the first time in my life, I have made a four figure income in my first month with Unicity and the second month looks even better. I could not have done this without Ron’s help. I rely upon Ron’s expertis, his knowledge of the industry and its leaders. His understanding of the pros and cons of compensation plans is outstanding.

  8. I have been an airline crewmember for 20 yrs & in the networking arena for just as long. Have done business in Europe, the Caribbean & the U.S. I have worked with many people during that time period & I have never seen one individual bring as much volume & people into our group as Ron Saunders is able to do. There is a reason everyone calls him Coach Ron. A coach is a person who has the abililty to teach you how to do be your best in your field or your sport & always be there for you. The Coach is the guy who never sleeps while everyone else is, the guy that always puts his team first, the guy that sacrifices personal interest & accalades so his team does well, he is the guy you turn to for help, the one that is always there. Coach Ron is that guy. If you are every luckily enough to work with him, you will never leave his team. The coach is the guy that is always looking for the right players to mesh together to go to the Super Bowl & win.
    Coach Ron has been looking for the right company, the right players & the right game plan for the last couple of yrs like everyone else. A good coach never gives up or stops trying to win the big game. Coach Ron is in his Super Bowl now & his team will win & walk away with the grand prize. Hold on Coach Ron & his team are back & I am proud to be a part of that team in my small way. If you want to win come join his team.

  9. The testimonial I made above is in fact 100% true and I would be willing to prove that to anyone with doubts. The only “unhappy” people leaving remarks are the ones who could not follow the simple system put in place and probably expected to sit back and do nothing and earn the big money. Ron has addressed every issue or trouble I may have had quickly and has helped me through any difficulties and I know he will continue to do so. He will give everything he has to see you succeed.

  10. This is Ronald Saunders. The person above “Matt Morris” is not someone I know or someone I have ever done business with in my life. How anyone can say horrible things that really hurt other people, I do not understand. The reveiws above him are people that know me, and they can be contacted. I am sure everyone one of them will openly display their contact information, and many do have their links available. This Matt Morris person does not have contact information and his name does not have a clickable link like most others on here.

    I am not perfect in any way and never claimed to be. I have made many mistakes during the past 6 years. Dealing with my illness, I tried almost every nutritional company I could find. Most are great companies, but they were not a good fit for me. As anyone that knows me, I did not really try to build a team. I have been writing compensation plans, and helping with the training for companies that I consulted for.

    I believe Ted had a great idea with this review site, but people will get slandered and lied against unfairly. I will take my criticisms that are valid, truthful and warranted, but what I do not want to see happen on here is ANYONE, myself included being trashed by anyone that wants to use any name and any story they want to make up.

    This is the greatest industry on the planet with some of the greatest people, but this industry as many others has a ton of filth. I am sure whomever this is, I do not believe Matt Morris is his real name, as the only Matt Morris I know of is a very respected owner of a highly respected company, so I know this is not real.

    Mr Ted Nuyten, the owner of this great site has promptly looked into this matter and will take the information done once his servers are completed upgrading today. Mr Nuyten has notified me just now that this person can not be the respected Mr Matt Morris and they have a fake email.

    I want to thank everyone for their kinds words in the postings. I know the people that posted those words, and I am so honored to have worked or to currently be working them

    Anyone having concerns about the slander posting and any future postings can gladly call me at 407-477-4719 or email me at [email protected]
    I will gladly address any questions, concerns you have. I will not shy away from my short comings, and will tell you the mistakes I have made, the failures I have suffered, the people that have lost money because of my bad judgement in trusting in the wrong companies or people, but I can also tell you about the success of the thousands of common people that have gone on to uncommon wealth because of my mentoring, training, and the fact that I do give my heart, soul, and every waking moment into helping others

    I live my life by Christian and moral ethics. Only one perfect person has ever walked this Earth that I know about, so I am far, far, far from perfect, but I can not and will not allow my team members past or present to have their words be called false and made up. Anyone can say ANYTHING they wish against me, and I will take any bullet I deserve, but I will not allow good, honest, hard working people that comment and share THEIR words on this site to be called fake and made up reviews. I will fight for my team and others to make sure that these reviews are not marketed against with slander, lies and people that just want to bring down others for their own benefit.

    I will have many bad reviews and I deserve those reviews. I can not please everyone, and I have made many people mad by leaving their company and by speaking what I believe to be true about their lack of good products, horrible compensation plans, bad management or lack of a Servants Heart when dealing with distributors of their company if they are the owner, or of their team if they are a leader. I make people mad. I speak what I believe to be true, and many people hate me for that. I do not go out to hurt any company or any person, but it is always black or white to me, their are no gray areas.

    I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I appreciate Mr Ted for taking his time to put up this wonderful site. Ted is a visionary and a leader, and if you want to join Vemma under a real leader, join under Ted Nuyten..

    God Bless Everyone and Make it a Great Day,
    Ron Saunders

  11. Just a quick note to reenforce my words. The testimonial I made about Ron is 100% true and valid. All the contact info I supplied is 100% valid and anyone can contact me to verify my existance and words. If someone failed at what they are doing it is so much easier to blame someone else. However it looks like Ron does not even know this man either. Ron has a vision and a plan, it is easy to follow but it will not happen by itself. I trust Ron and will continue to support him.

  12. My name is Brian House. I have been in the network marketing industry for over 18 years and I am a top 5 money earner with my current company. I have personally worked with Ron Saunders and I can honestly say he is one of the hardest working, most ethical people in this industry. His past and current successes are a result of his relentless efforts to help others succeed and his track record speaks for itself. It appauls me that Matt Morris would make comments about someone he does not even know and it is obvious that Matt is not a very ethical person or someone that understands this industry. Anyone who has ever been successful in this business knows that you never put down your competition in an effort to make yourself look better. As for Ron’s decisions over the past few years to leave some of the companies he was not satisfied with, I commend him for being willing to lead his people towards smoother waters, instead of allowing them to go down with the ship and I would also recommend that Matt read How to Win Friends and Influence People or seek some form of counseling to deal with his insecurities.

    Brian House

  13. Sun, 7 Feb 2010


    I saw a really bad comment about Ron saunders on the site. With good there is always some bad, we ( nobody can please everyone all the time).

    I am HIGHLY offened ( actually pissed) because some guy who knows NOTHING about me in a round about way says I am lying.

    WHO I am,

    Father of 3 GREAT kids 27, 26 & 23
    Married 24 yrs
    10 yr career as a FIREFIGHTER/ PARAMEDIC with commendations, 800 addition hrs of training
    20 yr retired crew member American Airlines
    Raised tens of thousands of $$$ for charity golf & tennis events I have run
    Taught tennis & golf in Fl, been a top ten ranked tennis player in the state of Fl

    ( THE BEST full/ time part time guy in network marketing over the last 20 yrs)

    NOT ONE person who knows me or has worked with me EVER will have ONE dishonest
    thing to say about me. I probably have one of the BEST reputations in this industry for integrity & honesty & telling you just the way I feel. Have not made the huge $$$ some guys have but have made upwards of $100,000 yrly on a part time basis with another career I was working.

    Everything I wrote about Ron saunders is 100% true, so if this guy wants to contact me about what I said is a lie I HAVE THE BOXING GLOVES ON & I WILL WIN.

    Have a great weekend,
    Greg Galley

    P.S. I am usually the cool breeze floating along but this guys comments made me feel like a blast furnance.

  14. In re to the comments made about Ron Saunders by Matt Morris, he is calling me a liar by his comment. I have a STELLAR reputation in this industry & I
    DEFY Mr. Morris to write something bad about me. As a matter of fact I would like a personal phone call or email apology from him to me since he indirectly called me a LIAR. What I wrote about Ron Saunders is true.

    Many of us in the industry have moved around the last 5 yrs trying to find the right place to call home so if that is a crime than Ron Saunders & I
    are both guilty.

    Matt Morris if you have any guts contact me so you can call me a liar in person,at least my contact info is here for everyone to see.

    Greg Galley
    [email protected]
    772 532 8806 c#

  15. I’ve worked with Ron only a short time maybe a month my lack of results hav been my own doing (or rather not doing) as he is willing to give me anytime I ask of him.
    Wait till later this month I’ll give a great review then as I’ve made a commitment with him.

  16. I have known Ron for some time now and anyone who really knows him can tell you he is very giving of his time and he also knows that the secret to success is helping others achieve their goals. The comment above by this Morris character is probably a fraud and deserves no attention whatsoever. If it is real then that person obviously is jealous of the success Ron and his team have had.

    Ron is and always will be a pleasure to work with and he has helped me grow my business like no other person I have worked with in the past. If anyone has the opportunity to work with this man or his team this I highly recommend doing so, but only if you want to succeed.

    Ken Hightower

    Phoenix, AZ

  17. Ron is a great guy! I’ve been in network marketing for awhile now, and have never had anyone who mentored me the way Ron has. If he has a fault, it’s that he cares too much. He will work himself physically sick to make sure the people he mentors succeed. You can ask for more than that!

  18. Folks are always touting their product as one that you would buy without the biz opp attached. Well, Ron Saunders is somebody I would gladly be friends with without the biz opp attached. He’s the guy that would offer you the last beer in the fridge, then offer to buy the next round.

    Ron is the hardest working guy I’ve ever seen. When the doctor told him to stay off his feet for 7 days after major foot surgery; I think it was about 24 hours until he was up and about doing 3-ways for his team members. I’ve known Ron almost 2 years now and I don’t think I’ve ever caught him sleeping.

  19. Just to be sure, I checked my ID and I am a real person. Called my doctor, and he confirmed I did have an emergency heart bypass in January, 2009; followed by complications to the left leg that are still ongoing. I,too, believe this Matt Morris is a fake. What I said is totally true. No need to make anything up.

  20. Ron is a natural when it comes to networking. I have learned more about networking in the few weeks I’ve been working with him than the 15+ years that I’ve been doing it by myself. He’s a person of his word. He’s served our country in Iraq and put his life on the line for us. He delivers what he says he will do. He works long hours and is dedicated in helping his team to become successful networkers. I am blessed to know him. He helps me see things in a way I never thought I would.He is a good find and it is rare to be able to work with one such as with the kind of integrity that he has.He’s very patient with me in answering questions that most networkers should already know.

  21. I have been working online for years and have known of Coach Ron for some time now. I just started working with Ron last month in Unicity. Very quickly I began seeing why he has been so successful over so many years. He works tirelessly for his team members. He demonstrates true leadership. He is always available to support his team with three ways and answers to any questions. He is the networker’s networker. So many people working this industry have no conception of how to support, train, and advance their teams. Ron definitely does!

  22. Ron Saunders is the MAN! I know that anyone and everyone can benefit by just being in his presence. He knows people, he knows relationships, he knows training, he knows coaching and he knows the industry. What more could ANYONE WANT! Go Ron!

  23. Hi
    this is anthony hoevertsz from the netherlands. I met Ron Saunders online trough and I must say…what a nice person you are..directly when we start to make contact with each other you have been a great help to me.He knows how to be a leader. He gave me support from day 1! he dont leave you in the dust. Thanks Ron for beeing a great inspiration and help. I your looking to work with a person than all i can say he is the “REAL DEAL”.

    Have a great day and god bless

    anthony hoevertsz

  24. I really haven’t even know Ron that long and if I told you how little it is you’d laugh because I think I have received over a dozen help related issues is the last 48 hours as I’m getting my new business set up. I can honestly say that being on a team with Ron means that he is their for your success. That is a very powerful and comforting feeling to have when you are new at something and from what I’ve read here before leaving this comment it looks like a lot of people feel the same way. You just really don’t see that very often. I commend Ron personally and thank him for everything. Thanks a lot Ron, you are the tops!

    Wishing you life’s best,

    Beau Bridgewater

  25. It’s as if I’ve know Ron a long time. Whenever I go online he’s there. This guy is a machine, does he ever sleep? My understanding is if you hang around successful people, and model their behavior you should come somewhere close to what they’re doing, maybe even more. So far, I have seen nothing that would make me not want to hang around this guy. He has the goods. We all have our ups and downs, thats life. They say if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I believe Coach Ron has what it takes to take on some of the most messed up situations and and still have the vision to help the team succeed. In business it’s best to go with someone who has be battle tested. Your history speaks for itself. So Ron wherever your going I’m going to.

    Peace & Blessings
    Bruce Jenkins

  26. I’ve only known Ron Saunders for a month, but it seems as though We’ve known each other for a lifetime. When I call him, he answers as if I am the most important person in the world. It is a pleasure to know someone who genuinely cares about you whether you have been in this business forever, or just getting started.

    Ron has integrity, and a heart of gold. I am blessed by his presence.

  27. Hello everyone, I have known Ron Saunders only about 2 months now and he has done more for me in only two months than I have gotten in over 25 years in this Industry and over 13 other MLM programs in that time frame.

    Like his nick name says “Coach Ron”, he can take a mediocra team and make them into a Super Bowl team within a matter of days and months. He truly is a coach in all sense of the name. He has talked to legendary Coach John Wooden, Coach Denny Crum, Coach Rick Patino, Coach Tom Izzo, the legendary speaker Tony Robbins just to mention a few.

    What does all this have in common with Mr. Ron Saunders…..He is a WINNER!

    No matter what Ron says or does in life, I want to be within a baseball throwing range of him so he does not get out of my site. Because I believe in him so much I have staked the rest of my life on him and anything he gets into. The old saying that if you want to be President one day or any other noticable figure, you have to surround your self with Gret and powerful thinking people. Well that is Ron Saunders, don’t believe me you are the one that will lose out in life….Not Me!

    Ron grew up poor in a Kentucky home much like I did in his neighboring state of Indiana. And we both relate to one another, the only thing different in this story between Ron and I he went out and made his dream come true with hard work and done it with integrity and honesty. Now its time for me to step up and I plan on Coach Ron teaching me to become the successful individual he became along time ago. He does and will always place his team far above himself and that is what makes a great leader in any Industry. He is a True Leader!

    All you can say and sum up Mr. Ron Saunders is that he has a (BIG HUGE HEART)and that you cannot get in everyone. I have that same trait and that is why I know sticking with Ron in anything he does in life that I will succeeed no matter what. I love Ron Sanuders favorite saying and if you are around him long enough, you will always hear him say it. “No One will be Left behind” I know this due to staying 5 days in a hotel room with Ron in a Natl. Convention out in Denver CO. this year. You get to know someone real good if you just listen and that is what I did and picked up allot of very good carma from Ron those 5 days. To ever get as close as I did that 5 days with a Super Star, it would have cost you at least $5,000 per day. Oh yeh, Ron paid for everything I did or ate or wanted to do, another fine trait of your Leader. Only known this man for two months???? WOW!

    Well guys got to go, Ron is ringing in now to lead me to the promised land. If you want to go with us and build the next Multi-Million dollar puzzle, call me and get your piece of this puzzle and let me introduce you to the Man………Mr.Coach Ron Saunders. And you and I will make allot of money together if you just let yourself believe like I did…..Don’t just dream a little, Dream allot! Dream BIG!

    Mr. Bob Rowland
    317-710-0903 cell
    Noblesville, In.

    (Call me for details of our Businesses!)

  28. I have known Ron Saunders for 3 years now. We have helped each other during that time. We have a common goal of getting healthy again. We have been in different hospitals at the same time for different problems, but death was close for both of us. We have tried many different Companies in hopes that their products would help our health problems. Some helped more than others, but I am still looking to regain my health, as Ron is. Neither of us has gotten rich in the process.

    I am not sure of the motivation for the viciousness of these attacks on Ron, but I can personally attest that some of them are false. Ron, like all of us, has made mistakes. None of us are perfect.

    Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

  29. Tom Chenault called me to do some digging on Ron just this last Sunday. I told him what I will tell all readers of this post. Ron and I did have a misunderstanding about a co-op I entered with him. However, since then, Ron has started making refund payments and will continue to do so until repaid in full. I’ve got the paypal receipts to prove this in case anyone wants to see them. I haven’t read all of Tom’s accusations but I know what I know. That is that Ron is working hard to refund my money for a co-op ad effort that didn’t work out. If there are others out there that feel Ron owes them money, I urge you to contact Ron and work things out rather than feed into one person’s blanket accusation that Ron is out to get anyone that crosses his path. If anyone wants proof that Ron is refunding money to me or wants to talk, feel free to call me at 512-632-5127.

  30. The above Face Book NOTE Posted here has been REMOVED. I am asking the owner of this site to remove it from all listings also. We have sought out advice on how to handle this if not

    You may call me at 801-631-0786 UT or 407-968-0361 FL
    Both numbers are valid and I travel back and forth between my permanent home in FL and my temporary
    home in UT through Oct 15th or so. My email is [email protected]

    I welcome all questions, comments and concerns good or bad to be directly to me. This site will be watch by the proper people to see if and what is said, or if the removal request is granted, so we can all stop wasting time, effort and yes, money will be wasted if matters need to go to additional measures.

    Ted N, the owner of this site is a good person and does a ton for this industry. As my enroller in Vemma, he was supportive, did lots of great things for my team and me. What he doesnt understand because he never asked was I paid for 90% of the people to join from my own credit card. Any one needing to see that, please let me know. He is upset that I did not stay in the company and yes, I understand that. He put 3 weeks of time and effort into me, and I decided although a great company, it was not the company I wanted to stay with the next 10 years. I have joined many companies in hopes of finding the right one and I do not hide from that.

    I have made mistakes, but if you read Mr Cantu’s statements above, you will see I try to make everyone bad…

  31. He will robb you blind people and he says he is a good mormon but he will cheat you out of your hard earned money because he is a thief and then try to sleep with every woman he meets! Beware my MLM friends RONALD SAUNDERS is moving to a town near you!

  32. I guess this Tim Teaspoon will not give his REAL Name. I have a girlfriend. I do not have to sleep with everyone, and I never have. 43 years of life proves that point. As far as being a good Mormon. That is very funny. I went back to the Catholic Church that I have been a part of 41 years. I have nothing against the LDS Religion, I just have been Catholic and used to the traditions. I am sure Tim’s Real Name is either Rob or Dave.. That’s OK. Any one can post ANYTHING they want on this site. The good news is legal action has been started, and the IP’s on here will be traced, and legally delt with for criminal slander. That is out of my hands now since the law firm has turned it over to the proper authorities.

    ANY ONE can call me at 407-968-0361 or email me at [email protected] Both the phone # and Email are over 4 years old. I do not have to hide, only people making False, Slanderous Remarks will not show who they are. This site has EXPLODED my business. People read the crap above, and then they call me, and most have known me for years, so its a great way for them to find me again, and then I tell them what I am doing , and they join. Its great. No press is bad press. I do not give energy to the negative, because TOOO much good is happening for people

    There are MANY things I can say about the bad comments and the letter above, but since its a LEGAL Matter that this site must deal with NOW, I will let the proper people handle it. Till then, I appreciate ALL the…

  33. After much Prayer, and thought over the past 3 weeks dealing with some things that no one should ever have to deal with, I have decided to leave Direct Sales for at least 2 years, and go back into Teaching. I will be moving back to my home state of KY and start teaching again within the next 21 days. I wish everyone much love and super success as you carrying on in the best industry left on the planet today. Its just time for me to retire and start a new chapter in my life. There is NOTHING that will change this decision. You can always contact me at 407-968-0361..God’s Many Blessings to all of you. What the hell does what religion I am or what I do in my personal life have anything to do with again, and why is it allowed to be posted on here? My personal life, who I sleep with, What Church I go to is MY Business. People want to get personal because they need an excuse since THEY failed..God knows what is right, and I will Let HIM be the judge of my soul. SO Keep your personal comments to yourself, or you will see what the LAW can do
    Legal Action was started against the slander that happened, but I can not add energy to something like that. Any one can add anything they want to this site. its not a factual site no more than the national inquirer. I am tired of the marketing against me that HURT good innocent people that rely on me to learn how to make a living in MLM. Those people will get help, but MY NAME IS OFF ALL companies. I will not be a distributor or consultant in…

  34. update Sept 29th, 2010. I will not give this any further energy but to state that the garbage posted above has helped me have the best recruiting month in the past 11 years. People call me and they join my business and I love it. The post above are NOT from me, and the owner of this site is really helping me build my business instead of HIS motive of hurting it..Its great. I should pay him for all of his free publicity I am getting

    My email address is topteamteam2741@gmail My phone # is 352-255-0793. I am in the direct selling arena, and people are very happy that I am. Not sure about the entries above except to say I NEVER LEFT DIRECT SALES. I did not run from the truth. I am happy the person said that I did not sleep around and that I am Catholic. That is very, very true, so at least that got part of it correct.
    My blog is I am sure it will edited out of this post but when you have a site that is ALL OPINIONS and not real FACTS, what do you expect. Yes, the rumor is true, I play Poker for a living and have been for a very long time. Speedy2741 is my Poker Name on Pokerstars and all the other online sites. I play in live tournaments all over the country, so yes, the Ron Saunders on the shows, and on the rankings is me, and not someone else. It has been a great way to pay the people back in the coop that went bad, so I just wanted the world to know its me, so when you watch the WOSP events, and other events, that is me,…

  35. You will not be able to contact Ron using the above informaiton. Both the email address and phone number do not work. Gmail does not recognize the email address and the phone number is disconnected. “topteamteam2741@gmail My phone # is 352-255-0793”. What is his excuss now?

  36. I just wanted to say as a long term friend of Ron, and a 12 year member of the same Army Reserve Unit that I find it insane to critizise a man that has done so much good for so many people. Ron’s email is [email protected] and has been for years. He moved to a different place. The person above stating to me Ron is not. He will not post to this site. he has 100% respect for MR Ted Nyuten, the owner of this site, and will not add energy to the remarks. Ron will not defend himself, he is paying back the coop advertising money to people like John Cantu and others as Mr Cantu states above. He spent 24 year helping people and serving our country. He made mistakes, but he did not profit from them, and he spent more of his own money than anyone to help others

    I have officially along with 15 other of Ron’s friend and Army buddies started legal action against everyone that has slandered him. Tom Chenault Removed the nonesense above but his name is on it so its going to have to go against him and any website that has make slandourous remarks. Ron likes this site and Ted, but even though out of the country, the software they use in WordPress has been contacted and legal action has started. Ron may not defend his name, but WE WILL. I have the money to make sure and his friends have the money and willing to spent it to clear his name/ Spending 18 months in a VA hospital with cancer is enough suffering for one lifetime and I will not allow a man of his character and integrity to…

  37. Look, I want to thank everyone for their help on this, but its really starting to be like a 8th grade bully fight. Sara, whoever you really are, my email is [email protected] and has been for years. It is also the email I use on facebook for 2 years. No my # changed, because I did not move back to the part of FL that I lived in for many years, so of course my # changed. I do not have to give out my private phone # to people that want to call and say stupid things and not really say who they are. I have some involvement in MLM, but my source of employment is playing poker at a professional level both online and off. My Screen Name online is Speedy2741 and I have that email at gmail also. It really doesnt matter what faked name people say on this site. If you want to say something, then say to me. I want to thank Nick Jordan and the others for the legal action they have started, because ALL OF PEOPLE Telling Lies will be stopped. Too many people are bringing in religion or who my girlfriend is or isnt..Guess what, the people that know me, know the facts. The company I am involved in I first got stated with them in 1997, and the corp staff knows me and could care less what the people that lie above say. No one is going to harm me in this industry. Mistakes were made with a dumb coop, but I was not the person that received 85% of the money and that is coming out in the legal process, so I will clear my name. Hope you come to or The Hard Rock in Tampa so I can…

  38. Since many people want to use fake names and not state the facts, I am going to post my cell phone number on here for anyone that wants to contact me. My # is 727.667.0977. You can call me with any questions you have. If you want to contact me through email, again my email is [email protected]
    and the business I am in is I want to make sure that the rumors are silenced. PTN is the company i am in and its how I learned to play poker. If you want to say I dont play poker then please keep looking at the ratings on as they are updated every few weeks and you will see my success in the Fl Million, and the WPT events around the country. They are easily verified, and the money earned will easily take care of everyone in the horrible co-op of last spring and get things corrected as they need to be.
    Many of you have inquired about the Legal Action against the slander that has been posted, and YES, that action has started and going very well. That is all I can say at this point, but the truth will come out during the legal process and will be public notice. Dont expect this site to post the findings of the truth, but that is OK. People that are owed money will be paid back, and those that made false statements and were slanderous will pay.
    I personally want to thank Nick Jordan and the others for all their help and support during what I consider the worst months of my life dealing with nonesense. God Bless you all, and again for the record, I am a Catholic, and I despise the stuff above about sleeping around comments, but the good news is that RM, DK, and the others will pay for their comments for a very long time

  39. I wanted to keep everyone up to date in case they do want to contact me. My cell phone # is 702-501-2672 and email is [email protected] Those two are the very best ways to contact me. You can text or call, and I will respond back to you. Just want to make sure that everyone can reach me, and get BOTH sides of the story. Thank you very much and have a great New Year,

    God’s Blessings,
    Ron Saunders

  40. Hello,

    Although, I appreciate the above people writing and trying to get information out there, for their own motives on some it seems. This is the FIRST and ONLY entry by me. I do not know why people what to put in fake # and emails. It is easily verified my only # is 801-207-8247 and my email is [email protected] I moved to UTAH in May of 2010 and still live and remain in Midvale UT. I will remain in UTAH. Whomever above said I was not a Mormon is a moron. I am a Mormon. I was Baptised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Aug 9,2009 by Frank M. I will remain a member of this church, and nothing can change that. If you want to know what company I am part of, then call and Ask. The owner of this site can verify this posting is me, my true phone # and email. The above entries saying they are me, need to be taken down or I will have to seek action to get that done. Call me anytime, or email at this information and you will get a response. I have a very exciting opportunity and would love to share it with you. I work directly with Donna L of AB, Canada, and she can also verify this info listed here is correct.

  41. Well I must take back my previous comments on Ron. Not only is he a HUGE company jumper- never staying with a company longer than a few months but also a liar and a user. He will lie about the management of a company to get you into his latest one and also lie about his life situation in hopes you will “loan” him some money that will never be repaid. He makes big promises but fails to deliver..always someone else’s fault though. He doesnt make a living with mlm but through taking the money of others for such things as advertising in which you will never see results as he doesnt actually use it for advertising. His biggest lie has to be that he made millions in a previous telecommunications company- please do your research as you will find that is not true at all. He is a big talker but definantly not a leader.

  42. I can not just sit here and let you state these things. Anyone that wants to see my tax returns for the past 25 years, then email me at [email protected] or call 801-207-8247 and I will gladly show them to you or talk to the CPA that did them up until 2007. I had cancer for 4.5 years, and was on disability and during that time, the only thing I did was fight for my life, so people can say whatever. Brianne, your words above our not truthful, and can prove that to any one that wants that info. You are hurting your family members that are having success working with me, and they deserve the right to make that decision. Currently, the people working with me have made money and their money continues to grow. MLM is hard ass work, and the people that quit in 2 weeks fail and that is their fault. I will have 100 plus people come and post to this site that currently are working with me in TNI that are making money. Come to the conference calls. You will hear some of the industry pro’s that are talking about the support and help they are receiving from ME. I refuse to just sit back and let people post things because they can not make it in this industry. I can prove what I have done and have not done. If I have said anything I can not prove, I will gladly walk away from this industry. I can prove my earning since 1989 and I damn sure never lived off advertising dollars. I made more money in one year than most ever make in their mlm lifetime, so anyone that wants prove, let me know. I hide from nothing, and people that want to slander me can do what they want, but I am not too broke as you say, so legal action is an option that I may take since others people are getting hurt by false words.

  43. I have stood by and watched as people have slandered Ron Saunders, and enough is enough. For all of you that continue to hurt him in your MLM world, well, Ron Saunders was smart of enough to get away from all of that BS. He is employed by me, and if you want to contact him, then call (702) 664-1327
    or email me at [email protected] and tell you what the facts are… I have lived in Jupiter, FL by Ron for many years, so I know him as well as anyone. and are the ONLY place you will See my Friend, Ron Saunders, being a part of. Ron Saunders helped THOUSANDS of people make money, change their life for the better. Ron’s mistake was listening to the SO CALLED Guru’s that had radio shows or started companies in the MLM World. The slander and the stress damn near killed him over the past many months, but all of you can go rejoice and think you have won, but Ron is the real winner, because he can make real money, still help people around the globe and not deal with all the people in MLM. I hope all of you find something you enjoy and focus on that and stop trying to hurt good people

  44. I have watched this site for 11 months, and I am just not going to let people make up accusations any longer. When people started posting on this site, they were telling the truth. Mr Ron Saunders is a good man, a great mentor, and there is NO ONE that will work harder for the people on his team in the MLM industry. It doesn’t stop there, Mr Ron will give every ounce of himself to help people regardless if they are making him money or not. The good nature of this man is something that no once can truthfully dispute. When I started with Mr Ron I was broke teacher, and after 4 years working with him in Excel, I was a mlm millionaire, and that money has never ran out. I have been able to take care of my family, my sick parents, and everything I ever wanted in life has come to reality because of Mr Ron. I will make sure Mr Ron’s name is cleared. I will take every step that is possible to get out the real truth. Mr Ron does more than 1000 other people combined would do to help every man, woman and child that is blessed enough to meet him. All of this non sense and personal attacks will stop. I will personally investigate each and every person and display who they really are, and why they are making up junk. For those of you that are willing to step out and honor Mr Ron, I thank you and I pray you will continue to do so.

  45. Any One that wants the truth, please call me at 435-214-3976 anytime. I will make sure you get the truth. Yes, before someones wants to post its a virtual number. yes, it is. It traces, and records every message, and locates me while I am traveling. I play poker FULL TIME, and that will not change, so you will get a return call within 24 hours, IF you leave a message and your phone #

  46. If anyone wants to contact me about anything said above, they can call me anytime at (385) 212-4088. I am NOT involved in MLM. I do work the zeek rewards program, but only with local friends and family. Century Concepts Collectibles Inc is my company. We are one of the largest retailers of Sports Card Collectibles. MLM is a great industry and you can find great companies on this site, so I suggest all of you to keep your dreams alive, and find a great company. I have gone into a different direction. As most know, I started playing professional poker a little over a year ago, so I travel the country within that game/sport, and our collectibles company has many partners I met in MLM and family members. I did not leave full time MLM because of the negatives above, and I did not leave because of anything wrong with the industry. I decided to go into a different direction, and I love life. Ted has a great site, and I hope all of you will find a great company and pursue your dreams. This is my final post to this site and on the matters above. People that want to contact me are welcomed to do so, God’s Many Blessings, Ronald Saunders.

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