Ronald Saunders Review

Ron Saunders has a history of front loading people, take the money and run. Most comments under this post are from people who believed in him once, but are now very sad….

Ron Saunders…if you meet him RUN…then call me.

by Tom Chenault on Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 6:07pm
It makes me sick to write this letter.  I owe apologies to Ryan Blair, Ted Nuyten and Corey Citron just for starters.  Why…for believing in this guy…and not believing them.  He told me stories about them that he is now apparently telling others about me…and of all wife! I got this letter this morning in my FB email.  It was just another of several I have received. August 22 at 7:05am I crossed paths with a mutual contact, Ron Saunders, about 8 weeks ago. He told he was part of your team and was desparate because you were threatening to destroy him if he joined another company. He told me and a lot of other people things about you and your wife that go beyond anything I've ever heard. Including things about your wife that go beyond anything I would ever even repeat. He was so desparate because you had his Youngevity/Act check taken away that he was going to be homeless. I wired him a loan of $2500. I've since talked to another person that he took for $12,000. Talked with another industry leader that knows of 8 people he has done this too. He's now blocked me from facebook and of course not taking any of my calls. I'm sure he's passing on some tall tale about me to people as well. I met him thru Robin Rushlo who he also told these things about your and your wife to. I don't loan money to people that I need so I'll take it as a lesson learned. The lady he took for $12k can't afford it. I have no dount he is continuing to do this to others. He needs to be stopped. As a leader in this profession I am always getting picked off by a Ron Saunders.  It goes with the territory.  I am used to is and I am sure most of you are too.   But when the letters are rolling in from every corner of the country with tales of him getting the last few dollars from people who can't afford it it's a different story.   And it's not hundreds…it's thousands. Ron has told me stories that are just so incredible that I didn't think they could possibly be lies.   His terminal cancer.  His war experience.  His family suicide attempts.  His I may die today story.  Just horrible stuff that normal people just don't make up.   And I still don't know what is true and what is not.  He is a master story teller.  A woman he had picked off for thousands ACCIDENTLY told me about it and when she realized she had said it she was mortified…that Ron would find out…that he would be upset…that he might not pay her back.   And these don't tell Tom stories are everywhere.   Like I am the teacher or something. I put him on the radio…I defiantly spoke out about those mean poeple saying bad things about him.  I stood up for this guy!!!   And in Youngevity/ACT he came in with a bang.   Orders everwhere…people excited…I can't deny that.   A lot of GOOD people…whom now I am wondering if Ron picked their pocket too. Stories about my wife and I?  I have no idea what that could mean.  None.  I know Youngevity/ACT didn't terminate him…they didn't bother.   They did loan him money.  I didn't.  I GAVE him money.   How smart was that???   But what I really gave him was my endorsement.  I always want to help the underdog and he was certainly one.  Just like me when I started this adventure.    But a guy like Ron ruins it for all the GOOD underdogs out there…we all start to wonder about the next guy and his story. I can go on and on about Ron…but it's just noise.  If you want to call me I will help put you in contact with others who shared the Saunders experience.  But we need to stop him.  This profession doesn't need a character like that doing what he is doing to innocent people.   I'm not so innocent…but the people I am getting the letters from are. Thanks for your time… Tom Chenault 720-840-7222

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