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Steve and Melyn CampbellSteve and Melyn Campbell have left eXfuze (15 October 2010) as the Master Distributors. They are Top 100 income earners (Nr 63. est. $1,8 million).

Steve and Melyn are professionals in the Network Marketing industry and have been so for nearly 20 years.

Stay tuned for information as to where they are going…

About Steve and Melyn:

They started at Nu Skin Enterprises in 1990 and became Qualifying Blue Diamonds  in the first month in the business with no previous network marketing experience out of approximately 750,000 distributors. Steve and Melyn have worked with some legends in the Network Marketing Industry.
In 1991 they went to Rexall Showcase International where approximately 98% of the company's volume fell underneath there contract and it was the first place where they earn over a million dollar+ income. Distributors in there organization included famous networkers such as Randy Schroeder (MonaVie), Todd Smith (Rexall-Unicity $27 million dollar lifetime income earner), Stuart Hughes (C.E.O.Unicity), John Haremza (#104 on our list –$118,000 monthly earner) and many others.

In 1996 they teamed with Mr. Richard Marriott (involved with Marriott Hotels) and John Edwards to become Master Distributors at I-Link International. Famous networkers there included  Paula Prichard and Kathy Robbins with Xocai ( #145 on our list –$100,000 monthly), Steve Little – World Ventures (#93 on our list– $130,000 monthly income), Scott & Sue Olsen Mona Vie (#75 on our list –$150,000) and George Zalucki and Art Napolitano A.C.N. (#4 on our list– $450,000 monthly income).

In 2000 they returned to Nu Skin Enterprises where the again attained the top position of Team Elite's and where they remained for 8 years (again earning millions of dollars) and duplicating other Team Elites front line to us. Nu Skin Enterprises also purchased the Network Marketing arm of I-Link International.

In 2008 until present they became Master Distributors of eXfuze International. Jeff Bracken (#268 on our list at $72,000 monthly) was a newcomer to the Network Marketing Industry in Exfuze.


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Direct Selling Distributors, they are active professionals, who love to team up with you!

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  1. We have a home for them,fianlly a company that cares about their distributors,working on a 7-10% profit margin and putting all the rest into better products and compensation for the field,an owner who was a distributor/top retailer/top recruiter/50k/month earner!!!Call Mike @717-843-1505

  2. Steve and Melyn, I do not personally know you but your reputation in NWM is almost unparalled. I’m certain that this decision was well planned. As such, maintain your relationships and Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life.

  3. What a wonderful couple I’m sure they know where they are going, but just want to let you know of the act energy drink business our weak leg pays out over 17% were not a start up were 5 years old debt free & have payed out over 200 million in commisions to date, what a dynamic couple wishing you the best in your ventures!

  4. Hi Steve and Melyn Campbell,
    You both look like a fantastic couple and do seem passionate about life and what you do in life. You have both been successful in your business choices and will make the right choice in your next move.

    So, with that being said, do take a close look at the # 1 Direct sales company in the world. We have the best products with no competition and the best compensation plan ever paying out 70%. We have five different streams of income with no cap on four streams and imagine the cap is as high as $1.56 million per year. We also have the # 1 CEO you can actually meet and a team who is present and helpful.

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  6. Hi Steve and Melyn, I think I know where you are going. I know where my company is, and where it came from with its founders. I wish you the very best and am sure you will come out like rocket stars. Demi Apostolou ps, If by the slightest chance you are undecided, email me. Wow!! That would be something. Demi Apostolou

  7. Dear Steve and Melyn

    We don’t know each other personally but your reputation and results demonstrate the qualities of true leaders.That’s why i’m not surprised by the news.With your kind of experience,you have noticed that some differentiation aspects where missing in your sector.I wish you all the best in your new endeavors and to make the right choice to ensure you a Life long of Prosperity and Fun.I’m blessed to work with some top leaders with a track record like yours who saw something new, something different, not only in the present but as well in the future.The fundamental question is “if you have the skills to cut yourself a large piece of the pie,don’t you want to go the Biggest out there?”. Very educational video on Market comparison If you wish to connect, please call me at 813-321-0913 or skype me to discuss it (olivier.leca)

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