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  1. I have been with this company over 5 years, and am as excited today as the first day I joined! Synergy Worldwide’s goal is to save millions of lives – with a clinically tested product that can reverse and prevent the symptoms of heart disease! ProArgi9 Plus helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels so Type II diabetics are being helped, it naturally brings blood pressure into normal range, reduces overall cholesterol while increasing good/decreasing bad, and it increases circulation throughout the body. While all of their products are first class, this one is life saving. The vision of the founder, Dan Higginson is to help health and wealth throughout the world. We are in 18 markets with many more to open. His passion, conviction and enthusiasm about Synergy is contagious! While Synergy just celebrated their 10 year anniversary, we are truly a ground floor opportunity in the majority of the markets. We are getting ready to open VietNam next. The compensation plan he pioneered has been copied but never duplicated. While there are 6 ways to earn income, the most exciting is MegaMatch. We personally match the basic commissions of every person we personally sponsor. This does away with just throwing people in to sink or swim. We take the time to help each business builder achieve their personal goals because by helping them, we help ourselves. Our parent company has been around for almost 40 years and they are debt free with millions on hand. Our companies are kept separate thoug, no co-mingling of distributors, products, comp plans etc.
    The only room for improvement is beefing up the company website which they are in the process of doing.

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